Nude Celeb Fakes Video – Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is today’s poster lady for our nude celeb fakes video gallery update. We told you last time that we have something special for you and as you can see we weren’t lying. The scene is from one of her latest movies where she’s having the role of this rebellious teen lady that’s not really getting along with her mother. She’s planning on going out tonight and her mom tells her that she shouldn’t reveal her sexy curves to guys so easily. But our long haired beauty won’t have any of it and she just does as she pleases.

So she just tells her off and says that since she has such a perfect body why shouldn’t she show it off, a claim that we agree to completely. So without further due, sit back, relax and enjoy this gorgeous super star as she gets ready for her night out, as she plans on showing off her luscious curves to all the guys in the club this evening. Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t get grounded since that would put a dent in her plans for today. Bye guys!


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Hot Celeb Fakes Video – Megan Fox

We promised you some hot celeb fakes fresh videos and we came to deliver on that promise. You surely know by now that we bring you the best content and today is another special day where we want to prove that we’re aiming to remain the best source of celebrity porn content. For this video scene we have the beautiful Megan Fox in one older movie of hers that helped launch her super star career. The movie featured her as a little cute angel that descended apparently from the heavens to grace the males eyes with her natural beauty.

And the whole room remains silent at the sight of this angel’s naked body, as she looks so pure and beautiful. Actually if we recall correctly this is one of the first movies where the lovely Megan Fox actually showed some nude scenes of her body, driving men insane with her perfect and sizzling hot curves. Anyway we’re sure you’ll enjoy this trip down memory lane with her sexy scene and we’ll be seeing you once again next week. Until then keep your eyes peeled for our next video update. We have something special in store for you. For similar content, enter the site and see some gorgeous teens offering amazing blowjobs!

megan_fox_offering _a_tit_job

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Celeb Fakes – Katherine Heigl

Hey guys, we return today with another awesome update for our celeb fakes galleries. This week we have here another super known beauty and you won’t regret checking out her gallery of stills form her latest movie. She’s none other than Katherine Heigl, a name that many still may now know but she did star in some other famous productions thus far. And in every one she did a great job at portraying a woman that knows how to look sexy for her guys. And in this one it’s about the same thing, just with a little more of a twist.

Seems that in this celebfakes scene Kat here found herself abducted and she’s not really sure about what her abductees what with her. They haven’t tried to rape her and they don’t seem to abuse her, they just seem content with watching her taking naked showers. Well who wouldn’t want to see this gorgeous woman’s naked body we ask ourselves. Well anyway, we’re just bringing you her nude scene, if you want to see the movie go check it out. So like always we’ll be seeing you next time with fresh updates. Until then enjoy guys!


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Eva Mendes Exposed

Eva Mendes is one hot Latina star. And for today she’s our main attraction for the celeb fakes update. IN this scene she’s just got done with having sex with her robber boyfriend and they were rudely disturbed afterwards. So she quickly reaches over to cover her sexy curves from the celebmovie public. Well not that our two guys in the room pay any attention to her anyways, they seem to be more concerned with the amount of cash they hauled from their last hit. All in all you’ll still get to see her amazingly hot sex scene and then watch her nude body.

You could say that celebfakes always prides on outdoing ourselves and again we think we delivered on our claim. There are few places that contain Eva Mendes’s curves in all their glory, and you guessed it, you can only see them here. We would also like to make a special announcement. We will have access to give some video scenes for the public view very soon so be sure to always keep on the lookout for the first ones. Since from then on we’ll have both videos and pictures to show off every time you come for a visit. Enjoy guys!


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Celeb Fakes – Penelope Cruz

As you know the celeb fakes crew always aims to bring you the best porn content featuring your favorite Hollywood stars getting naughty and raunchy. We say that so far we’ve been delivering on our promise having all of your star’s porn celebrity f scenes here. This time we have the sexy Spanish beauty Penelope Cruz in her newest movie along with the hottest porn scene you’ll see of her. If the name for some reason doesn’t seem familiar remember the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. You’ll know who it is then. As for this one, well that’s a completely different story.

In this picture set he’s playing the role of a seductive and powerful business woman that’s all about doing whatever she can to secure the contracts for her firm and seems that today she bit off a bit more than she could chew. She promised a guy some sensual sex times if they’d seal a deal , but little does she know that the guy never let a woman pass by him and not satisfying her. So what she thought would be a regular fuck, turned out to me the most amazing thing for her this night. You could tell by the giant grin on her face the second day. And that being said we’re taking our leave once more. Bye!


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Sharon Stone – Hot Scene

For this week’s update it’s time to bring out another super star in her sex session from one of her famous movies. In this gallery we have Sharon Stone in a sizzling hot scene having sex with a guy. We’ll let you guess what movie it’s from but let us give you some helpful hints to get you started. She was in the role of a dominant female that always likes her men to do as she says in bed. And for her nightly fuck sessions this time she got quite a catch. So she brought him home, slapped a collar on him and it was time for her to have her way with him.

Right from the beginning she issues orders to him on what she wants the guy to do, and since he knows that she’ll reward him nicely for his obedience he does everything that she sais. Sit back and watch as Sharon Stone allows the lucky guy to fuck her missionary style in this update today. It’s one awesome scene and you shouldn’t miss it for the world. Like always we hope you enjoy and we’re hoping to see you next time with more great content as well. Until then enjoy this and stay tuned guys. See you then.

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Celeb Fakes – Cameron Diaz

In today’s celeb fakes gallery we bring you Cameron Diaz and her scene in the superb movie, There’s Something About Mary that she shot a long time ago. That was one of her starting off movies and she did quite the job at getting noticed. In her role as Mary Cameron is pursued by no less than 3 guys that all want to eventually be with her and have her forever. But Mary here seems to be really undecided about her choice and she resorts to all kinds of things when it comes to choosing her favorite guy. So let’s see the pantyhose tease scene.

In this celebfakes scene, she was under surveillance from a private investigator that also falls for her. How could he not, did you see her amazing body? Anyways he was hired by another one of the guys and this evening he wanted to see just why the man was so interested in this short haired blonde. So he goes to stake out her place and grabs his trusty binoculars to see what she’s up to. Amazingly enough he catches her changing clothes and gets a glimpse of the beautiful blonde’s amazing breasts as she changes. We know you’ll love them too. Until next time everyone!


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Free Celeb Fakes Gallery

In today’s free celeb fakes pictures gallery update, we bring you the amazingly sexy and unmistakable star Olivia Wilde. By now we’re pretty sure that you know her from her latest movie that she stared in. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, well… Jut watch Tron, Olivia plays the role of the lady dressed in black and with the short hair. And just like always she does one amazing job , she can act and look incredibly sexy. You just have to see her in that role, we bet there’s no man out there that didn’t imagine doing things to her.

As for the current scene, it’s a scene from her latest movie. She’s in bed with her boyfriend and the two are about to engage into some very nice and enticing sexy times together. Their relationship seems to be falling a bit under and Olivia decides to spice up their sex life this time. So without further due, sit back and watch Olivia ride her man like a crazy sex addict today. We know you won’t be disappointed in her, and honestly how could you be with his amazingly beautiful brunette.


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Nicole Scherzinger – Hardcore Scene

This week’s amazing celeb update features none other than Nicole Scherzinger and a guy engaging in a hard core style sex scene with the two. As you know the famous Nicole is one of the hottest celebrities in the world. For this scene she was playing the role of a seductive girlfriend that’s just having one need for the day. So her man needs to mobilize himself to please her. So let’s watch the two go at it in this lovely afternoon for their pleasure session.

As in all of our updates this is one quality update and you’ll see why. Nicole waits for her boyfriend to return from work and meanwhile she prepares a romantic dinner with candles and all the works, and also dons one sexy and awesome dress that’s just meant to entice the guy. As soon as he returns, she forgets about the whole dinner and she’s all over the guy. So watch the two have their afternoon fuck session in this superb update today everyone. See you next time with more. Enjoy and see you then!


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Celeb Fakes – Kirsten Dunst

Hey guys, we’re here again with another awesome update today. This time we bring you another naked celeb that’s going to show off her amazingly sexy curves on camera for your entertainment. She’s none other than Kirsten Dunst, the actress that played Mary Jane in the super popular Spiderman movie. As you know she did quite an impression in her role and she seems to have gathered quite a large following afterwards. Well today she’s bringing you another scene from a movie of hers and this time she’s nude.

The celebfakes crew would want to pride on bringing you the most fresh and naughty content of hot starts every week, and we say that we pretty much nailed it with this one. Kirsten is a hot and sexy woman and like you’ll see she knows how to put her body on display to impress the gents. So without due, sit back and watch her lay completely nude in the grass for this amazing update, and enjoy seeing her amazing breasts put on display. We’ll see you again next week with even more celebrities showing off their sensual side, but until then , enjoy this and see you soon.


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