Celeb Fakes – Katherine Heigl

Hey guys, we return today with another awesome update for our celeb fakes galleries. This week we have here another super known beauty and you won’t regret checking out her gallery of stills form her latest movie. She’s none other than Katherine Heigl, a name that many still may now know but she did star in some other famous productions thus far. And in every one she did a great job at portraying a woman that knows how to look sexy for her guys. And in this one it’s about the same thing, just with a little more of a twist.

Seems that in this celebfakes scene Kat here found herself abducted and she’s not really sure about what her abductees what with her. They haven’t tried to rape her and they don’t seem to abuse her, they just seem content with watching her taking naked showers. Well who wouldn’t want to see this gorgeous woman’s naked body we ask ourselves. Well anyway, we’re just bringing you her nude scene, if you want to see the movie go check it out. So like always we’ll be seeing you next time with fresh updates. Until then enjoy guys!


Check out Katherine Heigl showing off her hot body!