Sharon Stone – Hot Scene

For this week’s update it’s time to bring out another super star in her sex session from one of her famous movies. In this gallery we have Sharon Stone in a sizzling hot scene having sex with a guy. We’ll let you guess what movie it’s from but let us give you some helpful hints to get you started. She was in the role of a dominant female that always likes her men to do as she says in bed. And for her nightly fuck sessions this time she got quite a catch. So she brought him home, slapped a collar on him and it was time for her to have her way with him.

Right from the beginning she issues orders to him on what she wants the guy to do, and since he knows that she’ll reward him nicely for his obedience he does everything that she sais. Sit back and watch as Sharon Stone allows the lucky guy to fuck her missionary style in this update today. It’s one awesome scene and you shouldn’t miss it for the world. Like always we hope you enjoy and we’re hoping to see you next time with more great content as well. Until then enjoy this and stay tuned guys. See you then.

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